Attention Registered Nurses

Want to quit working weekends, holidays, swing shifts, mandatory overtime?
Want to quit being just a revenue generator for some facility or doctors?
Want to quit being responsible for all other people's care?
Want to stop doing all that pill pushing - paperwork?
Want to promote health instead of illness?
Want to really make people feel good?
Want to set your own schedule?
And still do Real Nursing?

Hi, my name is Robbi Duda, and I am a RN who wanted all this and more! But I only got it when I developed my own unique nursing business. One that gave me an opportunity to promote health and one that finally got me back to doing the hands on nursing care I love. A business that doesn't involve gobs of paperwork and one that allows me to get really close to my clients. A business that has me making me more money than I do in the hospital! And one without bosses, employees, or insurance companies. And one that gives me wonderful home office, car, insurance, computer, professional development, telephone, and more business tax deductions (Click here to see more)

So what is this business that makes people feel so good that they come back to me on a very regular basis? One that clients hug me and pay me cash for? Well to be perfectly honest, it simply involves doing health & safety education while giving basic nursing foot care and massage! A nursing service is so much in demand now and going to be in more demand in the future!

Because of this, I started an additional business in 2000 to train and support other USA RNs who would like to own their own similar private practice. The training includes business education as well as the required didactic and expert supervision required for the RN Foot & Nail Care Certification by The training is offered in Ann Arbor, Michigan a short 30 minutes from the Detroit International Airport (DTW) and is offered so nurses can fly in 1 day and out the next.

To be successful in this type of business I suggest RN’s have the following essential feelings and characteristics:

· Like seniors
· Articulate, Outgoing, and Gentle
· Especially like hands-on nursing care
· Have some good word processing and internet skills
· Have another way to support yourself while building client base
· Are knowledgeable about health & wellness "walking the health talk" yourself
· Are willing, and flexible enough, to sit on the floor, and strong enough to carry a basin of water.

Truly interested RNs with these basic characteristics - and who really believe in doing whatever it takes to promote health - can
Click here to get an application for consideration.

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