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Healthy Foot Care Guidelines
(Adapted from the U.S. IHS Best Practice Foot Care)
  • Inspect Your Feet Daily - Notify a health care provider if you notice a growth, change of sensation, swelling, pain, unusual nail formation, skin or nail discoloration, or a sore that is not healing.
  • Wash, Rinse, & Dry Your Feet - especially between your toes - Daily. Moisturize your skin to keep that first line of defense strong & healthy! Creams and Lotions are best - Apply Daily! Avoid powders & oils that make floors slippery and hard to clean.
  • Protect Your Feet - Never Never go bare foot or stocking foot - even at night to the bathroom! Foot infections take a long time to heal & for some people they never do. Germs are more drug resistant than ever today!
  • Inspect your shoes in & out frequently for uneven wear. You may just need new shoes for a sore hip. Avoid all callus & corn remover pads with acids in them and never wear pads that encircle the toes!
  • Buy shoes in the late afternoon. Have each foot re-measured every time - foot structures change with age! Choose shoes well fitting shoes with "extra-depth" toe boxes to prevent crowding the toes. Avoid slip on shoes. If you can slip them on you can slip around in them ~ so get tie or Velcro strap shoes. Buy heel inserts to stabilize heel and whole foot in the shoe if needed.
  • Alternate your shoes daily to reduce moisture buildup. Check & shake your shoes out before applying. Seams, Wrinkles, Pressure spots cause ulcers in ONE HOUR in a foot with poor circulation or innervation! So check your feet frequently (every 1/2 hour) after getting new shoes!
  • Always wear socks in your shoes. Seamless, Stretchy, Diabetic socks are the best. Change them every day. Before putting on shoes make sure there are no wrinkles in you socks that cause pressure sores.
  • File your toenails and calluses with wet black files and rinse them frequently. File carefully only to the contour of your toe tip. Nothing else sharp near your precious feet - bathroom surgery is dangerous! Also never use pumice stones or peel your nails or calluses off!
  • Please get second opinions about any surgical procedure recommended for your foot problem. Many are out-dated, ineffective, or cause side-effects that may not make the trauma just not worth it!

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