Possible Tax Savings Benefits of Owning Your Own Similar Business in the United States

With your own business you may be able to write off all or a percent of the following items
- things that you can not do when you work for someone else!

Home Office Related Items:
Gas & Electric
Cleaning Service
Internet Service Provider
Computer Hardware, Software, & Repairs

Plus Car Related Items:
Cell Phone or Pager
Auto Principal and Interest
Gas & Insurance
Repairs, Cleaning, and Maintenance

Plus things like your:
Association Dues & Certification Fees
Nursing License Renewal
Professional Liability Insurance
Uniforms and Cleaning
Professional Magazines
Continuing Education
Travel & Meals to Workshops and Seminars
Entertainment with Clients & Business Associates
As of 2003 your Health Insurances and Long Term
Health Care Insurance is a 100% business deduction!

The bottom line - this all reduces the income you have to pay taxes on –

much of it you'd have to pay for if you didn't have a business!!

And just as important to note – this is a CASH-BASED business. Therefore there is NO filing tons of paperwork with Medicare and Insurance companies ~ who regularly slow and/or deny reimbursement ~ and in general add a ton of cost and work to our health care system without much value!

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Great Business Opportunity for USA RNs!

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